Ullmhúcháin Bainse. Tips ó na saineolaithe - Cuid a dó!

Hello hello hello, 

Síofra anseo , ar ais le cuid a dó d'ullmhúcháin bainse. 

Agus an uair seo táimid ag plé cúrsaí smidiú agus na do's agus na don't's a bhaineann le smidiú. Is cinnte go bhfuil go leor smaointe agus pictiú áille ar Pinterest agus Instagram agus is fiú beagán taighde a dhéanamh. 

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Mar is eol daoibh ag an bpointe seo, tá Sandra Gillen ag déanamh an smidiú agus tá an t-uafás muiníne agam aisti. Bí cinnte go bhfuil caidreamh maith agat le d'ealaíontóir. Tá sé an-tábhachtach. 


Agus seo hiad na tips atá ag Sandra..

A little run down on the Do's & Dont's when it comes to your bridal makeup!

But first let me introduce myself, my name is Sandra Gillen and I have been a professional Freelance Makeup Artist for the past ten years, primarily based in the West of Ireland but do I travel, if necessary, nationwide and internationally! My main focus within the beauty industry has been bridal makeup and continues to be. So, as you can imagine, at this stage I have pretty much seen it all (I hope!!)

Let's kick things off with the Do's;

• First and foremost, do your research, get recommendations and listen to the advice your presented with when selecting your wedding day makeup artist! There are a lot of people out there claiming to be "MAC Makeup Artist's" I can tell you now, just because you own a MAC foundation or two doesn't grant immediate access to such a title! Know what your working with!

• Do have a trial run, I normally to trials 6-8 weeks prior to wedding date but popping into your MUA for an occasional makeup is no harm and if nothing else you will become more familiar with them so when the day arrives, his/her presence will help put you at ease.

• Do make your skincare a priority. At the end of the day, your base is the most important element and getting that right from the get go is a major plus! Don't however loose your mind and start trying every product under the sun in the hopes of coming away with Gigi Hadid skin, work with what you have and become your best self which leads to my next Do!!

• Wear makeup that suits you, I am on a mission to kill the idea that you must look minimal with makeup blah blah, if a smokey eye with a hint of burnt orange makes your eyes pop and you look amazing GO FOR IT!!, do bear in mind a little more makeup is required for photographs but that does not mean you need to look 'caked' in makeup!

• Focus on either eyes or lips, doing both can be a little over powering and if you do opt for a lip, it has to be emphasised that it requires a lot of maintenance so choose wisely!

• Here is a list of a couple of things I would expect an artist to use for long wearing makeup;

1. Primer
2. Fixing Spray
3. Powder for all cream/liquid products
4. Eye base
5. Eye cream if necessary
6. Lip Primer

Now for the Dont's, time to become a negative Nancy!!

• Dont turn into a psycho This is number one and will always remain top of the list, (I know a little extreme), a little uncertainty is completaly understandable but full blown unrealistic ideas can be hard to control, trust in your artist, if they are a professional they should know how to take charge of a trial and steer you in the right direction! This is YOUR big day, all aspects should be enjoyable!

• Don't buy one million and one products for your bridal look, most mua's these days have kits over flowing with products from different brands, I have always seen variety in a mua's kit a good sign, by all means if you have a foundation or lipstick that works for you your mua should have no problem using them as long as they agree that they are the right colour match etc.

• Don't have a closed mind, listen to their ideas, ask to see examples of what they are suggesting! Between Pinterest, Facebook Instagram etc there is no escaping the endless scrolls of makeup pictures, save a few on you phone for reference, sometimes describing something can be translated completely differently from one person to another!

• Don't expect to look exactly like you will on your wedding day, that's the day everything comes together, hair/tan/makeup/dress etc

• Don't over do it on the fake tan, especially on the face, a mua can match a body to a face but not vice versa!!!

• Dont drink too much alcohol or greasy foods in the weeks running up to the day, a glass or two here and there is no harm but when you have sustained for so long it's bound to have an effect on your skin!

• Don't forget to get your doctor to prescribe you a generalised antibiotic if you have problematic skin, eg. Cysts/Boils/Coldsores it can help prevent them the week before the big day.

I'm sure there are a million and one more I am forgetting but these would be top of my list!

If you are reading this and are in the process of organising your wedding, congratulations, enjoy these exciting times, if you feel overwhelmed learn to delegate I promise you, you will feel all the better for it!

Pop over to my Facebook page www.facebook.com/sandragillenmakeupartistry for a sneak peek at some of my work or details of my masterclasses alternatively I'm on Instagram as skellie02

A huge thanks to Síofra for kindly asking me to pass on my pearls of wisdom, it's great to see an Irish blog with such success, long may it continue!

That's it from me back to the wand!

Sandra x

Sooo.. a chailíní, tá súil agam gur bhain sibh taitneamh as an mblag seo. D'fhoglaim mé an t-uafás eolais uaithi. 

Chomh excited anois, 

Le grá, 

Síofra xxxx